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Issue of climate change Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Issue of climate change - Assignment ExampleThe past century alone saw global realize levels go up by approximately 8 inches. There is enough evidence of sea ice melting while patterns of precipitation continue to change. As some parts of the world receive more rainfall, others are receiving very little or none at all. As a result of increase absorption of CO2, the oceans are increasingly becoming acidic. Yes the issue may receive a lot of hype from the media and political fronts but it is real, the planet states climate is undergoing change and may be a threat to life in future. We must do something to avert the situation and protect our purlieu going forward.There is therefore no doubt that climate on the planet earth is not the same again. Human activity is the greatest culprit. Industrialization, deforestation, heavily economic reliance on fossil fuels and other sources of greenhouse gasses are some human activities behind the global climatic change. It has thus come a time w hen we must sober up and think about our planets climatic condition seriously. Green energy technologies, increasing the forest take and being energy economical are some of the steps we can take to reverse the current climatic situation. Environmental pollution must detail at all costs so as to permit safe of survival of plant and animal

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National Training Framework and Vocational Education and Training Term Paper

National Training Framework and Vocational Education and Training piece of work - Term Paper ExampleVocational teachers, for the most part--and certainly those who teach in trade, industrial, manufacturing and health occupations programs--did not (and do not today) have to follow the comparable teacher preparation or state certification rules as did other public school teachers. Throughout the 75-year history of federally supported vocational education, occupational teachers were employed primarily because they had years of extensive experience in a craft or profession--such as auto mechanic, cosmetologist, medical technician, carpenter, nurse, electrician or mason. When college degrees were deemed a minimal requirement for teachers in most states and in most subjects, vocational education was granted an exception. In effect, then, vocational and technical education always has had a nontraditional or alternative approach to preparing and certifying its teaching force. This is an app roach that dates to 1917, promulgated by Charles Prosser, the first administrative director of the board, who believed that teachers trade experience would correlate with educatee outcomes. Today, some vocational-technical educators subscribe to that philosophy, while others lean more toward John Dewey, who promoted a more general education to prepare teachers to help students ready themselves for a life story of learning and change. A way of approaching (vocational) training that places primary emphasis on what a person can do as a emergence of training (the outcome), and as such represents a shift away from an emphasis on the process involved in training (the inputs). It is concerned with training to industry-specific standards quite a than an individuals achievement relative to others in the group. (Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 1992)

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Economic Development and Corruption Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Economic Development and Corruption - Essay ExampleIn a growth economy there is improvement in the standard of living of people and focus on environmental stability also increases. Economic stability flowerpot sometime also give rise to materialism. People strive hard to make more money and they often use unethical means to reach out their materialistic targets. One such unethical method is corruption. Different people hold different views about the impact of corruption on the frugal development. legion(predicate) people view it as a barrier to economic development while others believe that it does not impact the society and economic development a great deal (Easterly 2006). This paper is going to discuss various anecdotal evidence and view that people have about corruption in relation to economic development. Economies in the transition face often have large number of lobbying efforts going on. These economies are aiming for economic development and hence they do not care suc h(prenominal) about lobbying efforts and governments of these economies are more susceptible to lobbying pressures than a government of a more developed nation. The evidence and research shows that these lobbies often pay huge effect of money to the government pressures to accept their demand. The corrupt political system in these countries makes it possible for people to form lobbies and put pressure on political leadership. These leaders often get directions from these lobbies if they pay them well. Since m all lobbying groups are fighting for what is good for their own business, they end up doing well for the society also. The theory of invisible lapse comes into play here. The theory states that any action done for ones own self motive or profit will eventually sympathize into good for the society. Hence, corruption in all cases is not bad and research on 4000 firms in ontogenesis countries shows that corruption has played a role in the economic development of a nation. (Cam pos & Giovannoni 2007) In another paper, it was argued that corruption is essentially bad for a development economy. First of all, corruption reduces the value of shareowners. In growing economies where corruption is extremely high, the expected profit that the shareholders expect to make does not materialize. Much of the profit is lost in the corrupt red-lines of bureaucracy and hence shareholder value goes down in the corrupt economies. Many foreign companies therefore try not to invest in corrupt nations fearing that returns on investment in these economies would be far less than if the investment is made in the local setting. This reduces foreign direct investment flows into the corrupt economies and poses a big problem for the economic development. This argument shows us that corruption can be a big barrier in the economic development of a nation. (Weitzel & Berns 2006) In a recent paper written by a well known economist, it was argued that corruption is actually good for the economies. It increases the flow of wealth in the economy from one eliminate to another and promotes economic activity which leads to economic development. It was argued that corruption becomes bad when the corruption money goes out from the system. Evidence shows that many political and rich figures in the developing economies put their money in bank accounts in the foreign countries. This is an example of money flowing out of the system and this money does not promote any

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Social Systems and Constructivism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Social Systems and Constructivism - Essay ExampleConstructivism is a learning-making or meaning-making theory, which offers an explanation about the nature of knowledge as soundly as how human beings learn. It sustain that individuals build or construct their own new knowledge via the interaction which have been believed, known and the ideas as well as activities with which are encountered. In a constructivist setting, learning activities are characterized by lively engagement, problem solving, inquiry, and collaboration by the learners. Teachers are considered as the facilitator, guide and co-explorer who inspire learners to question, and not just dispenser of knowledge. As to Brooks and Brooks (1993 vii), constructivism is a theory about learning. The author believe that learner uses a self-regulated mechanism in parliamentary law to resolve inner cognitive conflicts which often become obvious through concrete experience, reflection and collaborative discourse. Integrating the i dea of constructivism to education is not anymore a new phenomenon. Trace back the efforts of Jean Piaget (1973), a Swiss developmental psychologist and also Russian psychologist Lev Vigotsky (1978). The idea has further influenced by the developmental philosopher Jacques Rousseau, followed by the theories of John Dewey, Arnold Gesell and G. Stanley Hall. Matthews Vadeboncoeur (1997) classifies three important strands in interpreting Jean Piagets socio-cultural, and emancipatory constructivism. The said strands vary primarily by its subject of study, views.

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The Appraisal System of a Company and Its Strengths and Weaknesses Essay - 5

The Appraisal System of a Company and Its Strengths and Weaknesses - Essay ExampleThe detective states that performance appraisal is one of the most common platforms used by employers to determine whether their employees be sufficiently qualified for promotion. However, the contemporary work environment is changing with teamwork gradually replacing hierarchical management. Further, organizations are increasingly shifting their center toward employee empowerment and participative leadership, as opposed to the traditional authoritative leadership style. In addition, companies are reducing managerial positions thus increasing workloads and do supervisors responsible for large groups of employees. This means that supervisors are no longer capable of observing employees and providing fair, precise, valid and stir performance evaluations. As a result, modern companies have no choice but to look for appraisal implements that adopt these metamorphoses and, at the same time, support a nd evoke employee development. Most organizations in the present business environment have resorted to using the 360-degree appraisal approach. This method acting is popular for its ability to provide workers with the information they need to change and align their abilities or talents with functions that meet company goals. However, this appraisal mechanism is not without faults. This search project was meant to analyze usage of a performance appraisal method in a company and to collect information that would aid in the systems improvement in regard to accuracy, fairness, credibility, and objectivity. The company chosen for this research applies the 360-degree feedback method. The inception of this appraisal system can be linked to past satisfaction surveys, which were used to enhance morale and communication among workers. The system also has its radix in employers desire to encourage employees in their efforts to set goals, as well as, the provision of feedback to motivate wor kers. At this time, performance reviews were usually conducted by supervisors who also provided move employees with the relevant feedback. However, changes in the 21st century prompted many organizations to abandon the conventional supervisor-partisan appraisal method. For instance, there are no longer many managerial positions, sum that administrators have more pressing concerns than supervising junior staff. Further, the employees participating in the review are supposed to interact with others in different organizations or departments, making it rather difficult for supervisors to monitor them effectively and provide credible feedback. The modern environment is also characterized by acute competition, which has made companies exert extra focus on customers as opposed to employees. Given the above changes, participants in modern performance reviews are subject to scrutiny by stakeholders other than employers. This is where the 360-degree appraisal mechanism comes into play.

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Comparative analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Comparative analysis - Essay ExampleThesis statement The analysis and comparison of currency playground slide and sunshine Coast in Australia proves that these beaches comprise of a number of similarities and dissimilarities in history, splendor, geographical setting, tourism, economy, and infrastructure development.Usually, comparative degree analysis consists of comparing and contrasting two themes, topics or theories. Here, the comparative analysis is based upon two tourist areas, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in Australia. Before comparing the foretold topic, it is essential to analyze the history and importance of the same.The history of Gold Coast is deeply rooted among the aborigines of Australia. For instance, the aborigines called the foretold area as Kurrungul, the place from where they used to collect hardwood for their traditional weapons. The local tribes used to camp snug Gold Coast because of the abundance of fresh water supply. The geographical exploration under taken by Captain Cook in 1770 helped the outer world to know much about this area. Later, in 1840, Dixon (surveyor) authorized by the government renamed the Gold Coast and its surrounding areas. But another surveyor, General Sir Thomas Mitchell helped to regain the older names like Currumbin Creek, Kurrawa etc.Later, the foretold areas underwent rapid change and were transformed to farms and fields. For instance, the foretold areas became the core of industrialization. But in 1933, Gold Coast was renamed as Surfers Paradise. This helped Gold Coast to be an important tourist hot spot in Australia. The development in 1950s attracted a number of entrepreneurs to this area. Gradually, this area became a holiday spot for entertainment. Now, Gold Coast is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Australia.As pointed out earlier, Gold Coast acts the role of an important tourist destination in Australia. The Gold Coast map (see

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Equity and Trusts Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Equity and Trusts Law - Essay ExampleA unflinching trust will be automatic in ally void unless each donee could be identified. Whereas with a discretionary trust a House of Lords decision held that the campaign was different can it be said with whatsoever certainty that a particular person is or is not a member of the class of beneficiary It is therefore of concern that the financial advisors at Rigby, Jolly and Pinnar (RJP) are mixing fixed and discretionary trusts into a single instrument.Beneficiaries in fixed trusts are allocated a specified share or interest in the instrument. This leads to a situation whereby a fixed trust cannot be administered unless the precise number and identity of the beneficiaries is known, since each beneficiary owns a specified share of the trust. It is important that there should be neither conceptual nor evidential uncertainty. There have been indications that the courts will relax this destiny to some extent provided it is possible on a balance of probabilities to compile a list of the beneficiaries in order to determine the maximum amount of shares- charge if the exact identity and whereabouts of a beneficiary is unknown. Hence in Gold v Hill 19994 an oral direction to a beneficiary to look after chirrup and the kids was deemed sufficiently certain to uphold the trust, despite the fact that the exhortation is open to interpretation.Discretionary trusts however, are treated quite differently by the courts since they invariably abide the trustees discretion in selecting the beneficiaries. Provided the trustees can distribute the proceeds there is no particular need to identify each and every possible beneficiary McPhail v Doulton 19715. The court will look at all the circumstances to determine a suitable distribution of the proceeds - be that appointing new trustees or a representative from the class of beneficiaries or even the original trustees.The decision in Re Badens Deed Trusts (No 2) 19736 required a distinction t o be made betwixt conceptual (or semantic) uncertainty and evidential difficulty. The court applied the McPhail test to the wording dependants and sexual intercourses Can it be said with certainty that any given individual is or is not a member of the class For example the phrase my children may create evidential difficulty - which will not defeat the court, but all those who owe me favours is conceptually uncertain because the description in the latter is not conceptually clear. How do we define favours in that phraseThe class of dependants and relatives is conceptually certain. at a time that had been established then it is a straightforward matter to determine whether as a matter of fact a particular individual is a relative or a dependant. Lets run the Head of Legal Services clauses past the McPhail testMy friendsAssiduous lawyers working I the EUall or any of the good looking girls I dated in my youth1. Is the phrase conceptually certainNo - too ambiguous. No objective test for what a friend meant to the benefactorNo - the word assiduous is too vague. How would the benefactor define assiduousNo - the phrase good